Welcome to my website. This site is my playground on the web. I created almost this entire site without templetes or prepackaged code. Attention was made to make as many pages responsive for you mobile users. I hope I have met your responsive needs no matter what device you are using to view this site. What is responsive web design. Here is an overview at w3schools.

Mt goal is to become knowledgable in a handful of coding languages. I am concentrating my coding skills in the following lanuages: HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL and Filemaker. I figure these are the basic tools needed to create awesome webpages. Well maybe Filemaker is not needed. I simply enjoy working with filemake. Filemaker has awesome integration features with MySQL. My learning curve has been heavily supplimented by My virtual self study coureses. All my virtual self study courses are listed on the Self Study index page. Most of the virtual self study courses were offered at Boston PHP. There are a few independant courses I have participated in. Various sites I have found very useful in explaining code techniques are w3Schools and Stackoverflow.

I have a list of all the coding books I have used on my Amazon store which can be viewed on my store page. There is an assortment of books on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP and MySQL I also have a few books on current affairs, strategy and business.

My blog came out looking really cool. Coded without templates, I believe it has a good user experience design. You may be asking if I am using Filemaker to add and edit blog posts. This is a good question. Yes, I have created a Filmaker solution so I can easily add and edit blog posts in a MySQL database. The MySQL database stores each blog post.

My coding playground has some really awesome stuff. My picture's feed where I use MySQL to store each picture's data(ie: catagory, name, comment, location, and alt info). The cool part of this script is that I am using Filemaker to insert, edit and delete each picture in the MySQL database. There is even a screen shot of the Filemaker layout I crerated for this process. The screen shot can be found in pictures under the catagory "Filemaker". A colorful clock created with javascript and PHP is another script I created. I also have a flickr feed with javascript and jQuery(The code from this came from one of my coding books which can be found on the flickr page.).

I also have some "Just Playing Around" pages. Two Art Gallery pages have some really cool pictures.

I created a style sheet just for colors used on this website. This allows me to easily change the color scheme of this site.

On my home page I have created a Guest Book. Feel free to sign this. This is my contact page. You can also use tawk to for chating with me when I am online. Tawk to also has a free Apple app so you may catch me even when I am not at my desk.

Using some PHP code, I created scripts that store some site statistics.

My dive into social media can be found here.

Enjoy your stay at my site.